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Valeria Petza is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TROPHYASSET.TRAVEL

She has more than ten years experience as a Property Investment and Asset Management Expert and she held a number of senior positions within the industry. Prior to TROPHYASSET.TRAVEL Valeria served as Director of Investor Relations of an Italian ConTech firm based in Milan. Valeria brings with her a deep understanding of project development and construction management: she is a third-generation developer who partners with some of the world’s most recognised architects, acclaimed interior designers and leading property developers.

She exclusively deals with high-end residential projects, hotel and leisure investments in jet-set destinations. She handles the overall investment management process particularly overseeing value-added renovations or repositioning and ground-up developments focused on generating out-sized returns.

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A deeper know-how of Alternative Investments following the pattern of the highest-ranked Italian universities and the Oxford University’s Said Business School and an intimate knowledge of PropTech and disruptive technology are high-performing skills disclosed in her international curriculum.

Valeria is a Certified International Property Specialist with a pan-Italy presence but actively involved in the global real estate market: from Paris, Monte Carlo and the French Riviera to the huge geographic expanse of the Indian Ocean. Her multi-disciplinary skills, knowledge, and expertise offer an all-encompassing guidance to any emerging non-resident investors. Thanks to her multicultural sensitivity, Valeria understands the importance of exceeding expectations on a cross-cultural basis with exemplary attention to detail and highly personalized service.

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Traveller-centric with an international perspective, before switching a career to real estate in 2010, she joined the aeronautical sector through the airline operator rebranded Air Italy in charge of contracting hotels in all European and intercontinental destinations served by the airline to meet the company’s requirements in terms of rates, allocations and other key contracting criteria. 

Ever since fashion-branded hotels emerged in the early noughties, she delves into the reason behind the sudden trend of luxury labels diversifying into the world of hospitality. The experiential hospitality space and fashion-branded hotels - hubs for pop-ups - inspired the business model of TROPHYASSET.TRAVEL, Advisory Boutique. 

The brand extensions as diversification and one-of-a-kind destinations inside the lifestyle business - experience fashion’s latest and greatest - continue to drive those luxury travelers, avid for sensations and unique perspectives to the ultimate real estate investment experience through an emotional resonance connection.


Discover why it is a good time to increase exposure to Alternative Investments and why real estate makes a good bet for portfolio diversification. Learn more on asset allocation strategies in the modern investing landscape with Valeria!