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TROPHYASSET.TRAVEL further expands its range of services and moves into the real estate market also as a Property Finder, a highly specialized figure who operates in the exclusive interest of those who are looking for a home. The Property Finders act as Buyer Agent, who is only representing the buyer’s interests.

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The figure of the Property Finder was born in the United States during the early '90s, and then spread to Europe (mainly in France and England) and globally: in our country it has become established in recent years, especially since it was recognized by the European Law 2018. Whoever carries out this profession in Italy must be in possession of the qualification for the exercise of the activity of real estate agent, arranged according to the reference legislation: just like any other mediator, he must therefore be enrolled in the Register of Companies and REA - Repertorio Economico Amministrativo, established at the Chamber of Commerce.

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At the basis of the activity of property finding there is a paradigm shift - linked to globalization that makes our cities more and more international and the properties purchased by foreigners - that brings the Italian market closer to the Anglo-Saxon one, with the overcoming of the real estate broker. Beyond the State or the country, all over the world the real estate agent is the one who brings a buyer to a seller to facilitate the sale of a particular property but has different functions and roles depending on the place where he operates.

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Regarding the differences in the role of this professional, the real estate agent in Italy is an intermediary while the Sale Agent in Anglo-Saxon countries works for the seller or the buyer, taking the declination of Buyer Agent or Seller Agent; the Sale Agent is not a mediator, he cannot represent both parties unless they are aware and agree. Just as in a legal dispute each party has his own lawyer, so in buying and selling a property in the Anglosphere countries, seller and buyer have their own real estate agent.  In Italy, both are represented by a single agent, who for this reason is called Mediator and who, holding a super partes position, brings seller and buyer together in the process of buying and selling a property.

Traditional Real Estate Agencies vs. the Property Finder


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Traditional Real Estate Agencies

A traditional real estate agency deals exclusively with the properties it has acquired and for which it has received an assignment to sell: the interest is not to look for a property with the characteristics required by those who want to buy, but to propose and sell those entrusted by the selling party.

Who is looking for a property to buy is forced to consult a myriad of different portals and magazines, compare countless ads, send and receive numerous e-mails and phone calls, view an unknown number of properties that often do not fully meet their expectations and needs. It is impossible for the buyer to seize most of the opportunities offered by the market: lacking a single database of properties for sale available, the times are often long with a great waste of time and energy.

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Modernization of Property Acquisition

Il Sole 24 Ore has certified that real estate agencies manage only 50% of real estate transactions

In order to adapt to the needs that have emerged in the real estate sector over the last few years, the sector has had to modernize and improve, often with transformations that have also led to the emergence of new professionals who were able to meet the needs of an evolving market. An example of this is the figure of the Property Finder, a new profession that has emerged in the real estate sector over the last few years and which proposes a totally different approach to the management of real estate sales.

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A Property Finder does not have acquired properties to manage but, starting from the needs of a client, carries out a research in the reference market accessing a multi-channel network to find the right house to propose. On the basis of the search criteria of its client, it will go in search of all that the real estate market proposes, referring to announcements of private individuals and agencies, real estate auctions, construction companies and professionals who can report properties for sale, as well as that range of properties that are not formally on the market (off-market) and of which the professional has knowledge through consolidated professional relationships.

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Bespoke Service

The TROPHYASSET.TRAVEL Property Finder is a real estate personal shopper who receives an exclusive search assignment (not sales) and offers a personalized service, a pampering dedicated to the client who no longer has to deal with the search in person. The TROPHYASSET.TRAVEL Property Finder has an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in which it operates and has an equally extensive and well-established network of relationships. Unlike traditional agencies, it significantly expands its research potential across the entire market, has a complete and professional overview of everything the market has to offer at any given time, and can select the opportunities that fully meet the client's needs.

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It is a service with high added value, aimed at high profile clients such as foreign buyers wishing to invest in Italy and those who are not physically in the place where they want to buy, VIPs and people who wish to remain anonymous and those who cannot find what perfectly meets their needs.


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