Digital Asset Lifecycle

Standards-based interoperability and digital methods of real estate asset lifecycle management.

Supporting clients throughout an asset’s entire life cycle

The Asset Management Process

The asset management process typically involves a series of interrelated functions or activities designed to enhance the financial performance of income-producing properties, which include: Project Conception & Acquisition, Design/Entitlement, Project Development, Project Execution, Operations (Asset & Property Management) and Disposition. The consulting service can be limited to a simple operation of research and purchase of an asset or can expand throughout the cycle of the investment itself. Our vertically integrated team simultaneously participates in all the significant number aforementioned activities with the aim of support clients throughout an asset’s entire life cycle increasing cash flow, maximizing value, and hitting return targets.

Advice on acquisition transactions for institutional and private investors of individual assets, real estate portfolios and/or NPLs with mortgage underlying assets, after monitoring and analyzing the market.

  • Market analysis and search for investment opportunities in line with the investor's risk profile and expectation
  • Technical analysis and economic-financial feasibility of the the investment: Highest and Best Use and Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  • Strategic advice, from negotiation to closing of the transaction
  • Coordination of pre-acquisition Due Diligence activities
  • Evaluation of strategies for repositioning the asset on the market, with the purpose of maximizing its value.

Identification and choice of the enhancement strategy to be implemented on the real estate asset/portfolios to maximize the return on investment. Coordination, supervision and management of the entire property enhancement cycle.

  • Post - acquisition analysis of the property and/or real estate portfolio
  • Assistance in carrying out post-acquisition Due Diligence
  • Definition of the enhancement strategy
  • Business Plan drafting and definition of exit strategy of the assets
  • Strategic and operational management consultancy in the enhancement process
  • Selection, retrieval of economic proposals and contractualization of relations with the suppliers of agency, legal, property and administrative technical services; subsequent coordination and control of the work
  • Definition of ordinary, extraordinary maintenance and/or redevelopment and conversion of buildings
  • Assistance in relations with the Offices in charge of the Public Administrations and involved Bodies, when presenting projects and defining administrative procedures
  • Drafting of financial models, periodic reporting by activitycontrol and analysis of the risks of the investment
  • Identification of the marketing strategy to lease/sell the assets
  • Analysis and evaluation of lease/sale proposals and support in the negotiation and renegotiation of existing lease contracts.

Monitoring and control of the execution phase of a project, goals in terms of time, costs and pre-established performance criteria. Strategic consultancy aimed at the planning, organization and verification of projects in the preliminary and executive phase, of the relative capex, of the objectives shared with the customers. Real estate development initiatives - new construction or conversion/enhancement of existing activities and buildings - are supported by the Project Management service, the process of managing a project from the initial conceptualization phases to the monitoring of the closing of the works.

  • Collection of requirements (goals of stakeholders)  
  • Define project scope in terms of time, costs and pre-established performance criteria
  • Developing a work-breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Drafting the OBS (organizational-breakdown structure)
  • Monitoring of the WBS/OBS matrix and GANTT to track status updates
  • Management of contractual relations with Contractors
  • Acquisition of the guarantees provided for in the contracts and checks for authorisation to release them
  • Cost control and timing of work:

- monitor the budget (external consulting for unforeseen problems, variable prices for materials and external suppliers, unforeseen personnel costs)

- monitor progress/project execution times (updating the schedule if necessary)

  • Management of any design variances required during construction
  • Monitoring and obtaining of authorizations
  • Ensure quality control and anticipate corrective actions
  • Monitoring and control of risks and define response strategies
  • Feedback and reporting
  • Monitoring of the closing procedures of the works.

Technical/commercial assistance in the operational management of NPLs with mortgage underlying assets, from the acquisition phase through to auction sale, i.e. assignment of the property to the credit holder, subsequent valorisation, operational management and disposal of the asset.

  • Valuation analysis of the property/real estate portfolio underlying the loan/mortgage loans.
  • Support and technical/commercial assistance to legal representatives in the post acquisition analysis and due diligence phase of the loan/credits.
  • Definition of credit enhancement strategy.
  • Support and technical/commercial assistance to the appointed lawyers in the phases of interlocution with insolvency procedures, owners of the asset underlying the credit, or with the secured debtor.
  • Monitoring of real estate auctions for the evaluation and definition of when to intervene in the auction phase, in order to protect the credit, through the purchase of the property and/or to request its assignment, with credit compensation.
  • Support and technical/commercial assistance to legal representatives during the auction phases, or during the assignment of the underlying real estate to the mortgagee.
  • Asset management activities in case of assignment and/or acquisition at auction of the property.

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